Why Planning is Essential to Your Standard Operation Procedures

Strategic planning for facilities and operations is an essential component to short and long-term efficiency models across all industries. From airlines and beverage distribution to baseball stadiums and school districts, facility improvements and day-to-day operations are continuous, necessitating the need to incorporate good planning practices into your standard operating procedures.…
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Serving Clients Through Cost Efficiency

By Del Buck, Vice President of Preconstruction One of HPM’s Core Values is Stewardship. HPM employees strive to be good stewards of time, money, and resources on behalf of their clients. In alignment with this core value, it’s important to look for cost savings and resource efficiency in every aspect…
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Soaring to New Heights with a Preconstruction Veteran

Del Buck In an effort to maximize the company’s effectiveness and efficiency in its preconstruction services, HPM recently hired Del Buck as the Vice President of Preconstruction. In this position, Del is responsible for overseeing the preconstruction services of all HPM program management assignments. Del has an extensive history of…
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HPM Makes Commitment to High-Quality Services by Hiring Preconstruction Expertise

When it comes to your construction project, the success of your project at its completion directly corresponds with your planning before construction happens. That’s why HPM has made a commitment to high-quality preconstruction services by offering a variety of services to meet client needs, by maintaining clear and consistent communication…
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Realizing the Value of Preconstruction Services

James Goree, Regional Director of Preconstruction With a decade-long career at HPM, I have learned to appreciate that highly successful projects are the ones that do a good job of balancing budget, schedule, and quality, so it only makes sense that focusing on these areas as early in the project…
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Caring for the Smallest Client

When it comes to construction projects, little surprises may pop up along the way. Yet no one thought one of those little surprises would come in the form of honey bees. During the demolition phase of the downtown Birmingham intermodal facility in 2015, workers were surprised to find a large…
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