Airbus FAL USA


  • Scope: 750,000 total square-feet
  • Owner: Mobile Airport Authority
  • Architect: Various
  • HPM Services: Program Management


HPM provided program management services for the design and construction of the $600 million Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line project at Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, and is currently providing the same services for the A220 Final Assembly Line project. HPM’s responsibilities included management and procurement of all design, engineering, construction, and commissioning services.

In addition to the Final Assembly Line Hangar, HPM was responsible for the Final Phase/Flightline Hangar, Service Building, Flightline Delivery Center, Logistics Center, Transshipment Hangar, Main Gate, Gauging Canopy, off-site Logistics Building, and the associated infrastructure. HPM also provided oversight on the Paint Shop, Central Utility Plant and Training Center.

The assembly line and associated facilities produce and deliver four aircraft per month.

Airbus’ first US manufacturing facility embodied the ultimate in construction complexity with:
• International standards and company design standards
• Multiple stakeholders and project team members located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia
• Language and cultural differences
• Numerous contractors and designers
• Demanding schedule
• Strict funding limitations
• Poor existing site and soil conditions
• Project delivered by HPM four months early and nearly seven percent below budget

One of the most anticipated capital building programs in recent aviation history, Airbus entered North America with its first manufacturing facility on this continent in Mobile, Alabama. When Airbus considered the US, the executive management realized they needed a local expert to lead a monumental collaborative effort with an ambitious budget and schedule. Working with teams from Europe, Asia, and North America, HPM found ways to meet the owners’ facility needs while maintaining a target for LEED Silver – which isn’t common for the local region and even less so in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Across time zones, despite language and cultural differences and under pressure to deliver a legacy project for a global company with myriad stakeholders and site partners, HPM implemented some of the most cutting-edge technology in the construction business to aid design and construction teams throughout the entire process saving countless hours in the office and in the field. The results provided our client with efficiency and effectiveness and set a new standard for our company and our industry.

Airbus 320 & 220 Final Assembly Line at Brookley Aeroplex
Final assembly line hangar
Final phase/flightline hangar
Service building
Flightline delivery center
Logistics center
Transshipment hangar
Main gate
Gauging area

HPM is in the business of leading. For some clients, this may mean managing an already-established, multi-million dollar capital building program. For others, it could mean overseeing a single project from site selection through owner occupancy. No matter the scope of our involvement or at what point you find yourself in the building process, HPM exists to lead our clients to success and provide value in everything we do.

Services include:
– aerospace & airport program management
– airport & aerospace project management
– engineering procurement project management
– integrated project delivery
– master planning
– site selection