Facilities Assessment

To achieve success, a capital plan must be rooted in quality and current assessment data. Creating scope and cost originates in evaluation and maintenance of a comprehensive Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA). Usually, this information is gathered in a mark in time and when it is not continuously in review and/or updated. As a result, the data quickly becomes dated, further separating itself from the implementation of the work to be conducted. This is where we come in.

The HPM team is prepared to provide seasoned FCA professionals who understand the components in a conditions database and work with the client to ensure data remains up to date. As part of mobilization efforts, our assessment team requests available asset lists, maintenance procedures and work order histories for each facility. We partner with our clients to gather critical information on historic performance and past challenges and successes, educating ourselves on deficiencies and maintenance challenges. This enables our team to serve as resident facilities experts before ever setting foot on the property to begin assessment.

HPM believes the best FCA’s are those with condition data that is current, consistent and actionable.

Our team works closely with clients to create processes and procedures that make for a continuous FCA data set. We are focused on replacing client dependence and institutional knowledge with best practices, both from our experience and client history to create a long-term condition assessment model that remains relevant for decades. Understanding how to combine all architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire, plumbing and site improvements with ASTM standards is key to creating a consistent assessment database. After finalizing a plan, we ensure it does not solely generate static reports, but translates into actionable scope that can be implemented and maintained.

“HPM believes facility master planning and assessment is an ongoing process, not a once every five- or ten-year effort. This has never been truer than it is in today’s uncertain construction market, where scope to budget needs to be managed in alignment with the district’s long term facility goals and objectives.”

Patrick Burke, Director of Planning, Gwinnett County Schools


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