Field Coordination

HPM is unique from other program management firms in that we were born of a construction company and practical in-depth construction knowledge is part of our DNA. Our origin affords us the ability to place expert Field Coordinators on your site to protect your interests and priorities as HPM manages your project from the inside out.

The Field Coordinator takes an active role in identifying potential safety hazards affecting adjacent areas or pedestrian traffic around the perimeter of the site. Examples of such hazards would be pedestrian traffic at construction site entrances, maintaining a safe perimeter, stacking of materials close to the perimeter fence or securing materials which could become airborne in a high wind situation. The Field Coordinator works with the contractor to eliminate these hazards.

One of the biggest risks associated with any construction project are schedule delays that impact the final delivery date. The Field Coordinator reviews the initial (baseline) schedule for completeness and viability for success. Updates to the contractor’s schedule are reviewed weekly in order to identify delays early and maintain progress. The Field Coordinator also ensures owner-related decisions are made in a timely manner and owner activities are implemented so the project schedule is not impacted.

Another significant risk is verifying the quality with which the project is constructed. Bi-weekly or monthly architect and consultant inspections only cover a fraction of the work being put in place and covered each day, and building inspectors are focused on code issues and do not inspect for compliance with materials or execution requirements. HPM’s on-site Field Coordinator observes the work being installed daily for compliance, supplementing periodic inspections and assuring utmost quality. The advantage of daily observation is early detection and identification of deficiencies, allowing for remediation before deficiencies become widespread. This level of quality control increases end-product satisfaction and decreases maintenance and energy costs for the life of the building.

Field Coordinator Leadership

Frank Marsac
Senior Vice President, Operations  
Joe Bridges
Regional Field Coordinator
Mike Pitts
Director of Field Operations
Justin Grant
Regional Field Coordinator


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