Planning Services

Strategic planning for facilities and operations is an essential component to short and long-term efficiency models acro

Program Development

The first stage of a successful project is thorough planning. At HPM, our team values the importance of keeping your pro

Project Management

Through effective project management, HPM leads construction projects to completion on time and within budget while main

Audit & Contract Services

Negotiating a fair contract and ensuring you are billed appropriately sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy. A compr

Preconstruction Services

HPM’s preconstruction services set the table for a successful project and make the entire building process easier for

Design & Construction Procurement

We help you understand the different routes by which your project can be procured, and we follow a strategy which fits t

Owner’s Representation

Founded on integrity, HPM offers intentional focus and leadership for the lifecycle of any building program as client re

Program Management

Fulfilling a distinct need in the market for construction professionals focused solely on guiding clients through the en