Our approach to facilities planning is not architectural, though we believe it is an important component to planning. Comprehensive facility planning requires an iterative process essential to maintaining the short and long-term well-being of your facilities portfolio. Our team of seasoned planning professionals believe there is no ‘boiler plate’ approach.

Facilities Assessment

To achieve success, a capital plan must be rooted in quality and current assessment data. Creating scope and cost originates in evaluation and maintenance of a comprehensive Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA). Usually, this information is gathered in a mark in time and when it is not continuously in review and/or.

Audit & Contract Services

Negotiating a fair, enforceable contract and ensuring you are billed appropriately sounds simple, but often proves to be frustrating and complex. Verifying the accounting for the different types of costs on a construction contract is, at best, exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, HPM has audited and managed contracts within the construction manager.


Preconstruction services are a core foundation of HPM’s business. Lean processes are natural to our team, as we drive innovative solutions and bring value to the owner. For almost 30 years, HPM has delivered successful, measurable preconstruction services to projects across the United States. Rather than being confined to a.


A thorough procurement process holds significant value for both sides of the procurement process – the Owner and the Supplier. It ensures the efficient and effective acquisition of professional services needed for your building program, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of your organization and the supplier. HPM’s Procurement.

Project/Program Management

The realization of any capital construction project hinges on the coordination of many different people and organizations, all working towards one goal. With so many moving parts, there is great potential for miscommunication and waste. At HPM, we’re dedicated to leading your program and its projects every step of the.

Owners’ Representation

When embarking upon an ambitious capital improvement initiative, it is imperative that you employ a trusted representative with proven, relevant experience to sit on your side of the table. At HPM we are more than owners’ representatives… we are owners’ advocates. For almost 30 years, we have remained solely focused.

Field Coordination

HPM is unique from other program management firms in that we were born of a construction company and practical in-depth construction knowledge is part of our DNA. Our origin affords us the ability to place expert Field Coordinators on your site to protect your interests and priorities as HPM manages.

Project Controls

Within the world of program management lie a host of systematic processes that must be deployed and continuously improved in order to maximize effectiveness and ensure success. The most fundamental, yet complex elements of realizing a successful program are effective management of cost, scope, quality and schedule. HPM’s project controls.

Move Management

As a project nears completion, HPM’s move management team guides the owner through the process of occupying the building. Our team has conducted large-scale move management projects for facilities in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, corporate and manufacturing. With our multi-disciplined staff, we provide a variety of services.

Facilities Maintenance

In many cases, capital improvement programs do not necessitate construction, but do call for maintenance or upgrades. HPM’s facilities maintenance capital team serves as the perfect solution for clients looking to revamp their current critical facilities rather than starting from scratch. From planning and due diligence to execution and closeout,.

Program Development

HPM’s Program Development Team was created to help you validate and organize project information (scope, budget, schedule, operations requirements, etc.) and processes before launching a construction program, adding significant value, and contributing to the success of the program. We organize your project information and processes, providing a clear understanding of.

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