Construction Audit & Advisory Services

Negotiating a fair, enforceable contract and ensuring you are billed appropriately sounds simple, but often proves to be frustrating and complex. Verifying the accounting for the different types of costs on a construction contract is, at best, exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, HPM has audited and managed contracts within the construction manager at risk, and integrated project delivery model with excellence for decades.

Our unrivaled expertise provides you with confidence, knowing you have not overpaid, while remaining sensitive to the preservation of relationships for all involved parties. Through our upfront consulting process, contract negotiations become a function of mutual respect and understanding, and the result is a realistic, uninflated GMP. Post contract, our audit process ensures that the construction business terms have been followed.

HPM’s Construction Audit & Advisory Services team is comprised of industry leading professionals having worked at the highest levels of accounting and project management for large general contractors and engineering firms. With a combined 130+ years in the industry, this group comes equipped with firsthand knowledge of the construction industry and its costing approaches, enabling them to realize maximum savings on behalf of their clients. Over the years, owners of more than 3,000 construction projects valued at more than $50 billion have benefited from HPM’s auditing expertise, with well over $200 million being recovered by clients. HPM performs construction audits across the United States in multiple sectors including, but not limited to manufacturing, education, healthcare, airlines/aviation, hospitality, gaming, pharmaceuticals, technology, oil and gas, and high-rise residential and office/retail development.

HPM also performs Cost Segregation Services, that help owners reduce taxes and produce additional cash flow for investors in the early years of property ownership, by enabling assets that depreciate more quickly to be separated from the standard depreciation schedule for the property. Having a trusted advisor with an engineering background that understands building components and are able to segregate the asset correctly is of paramount importance. HPM’s team of experts stand ready to partner with you in increasing your investment potential through cost segregation.

“I have worked with Vince Chapman and HPM’s Construction Audit & Advisory Services team for more than 15 years. This group is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with. Their collective background runs the entire scope of program management, and they serve as invaluable professionals starting with design and continuing through construction and close out. Attention to detail and contract language is the key to HPM’s success.”

John Igoe, Senior Director Development (Retired), Google

Construction Audit & Advisory Services LEADERSHIP

Vince Chapman
Jake Ortego
Antonio Fratangelo
Valerie Rogers Smith


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