Program Development

HPM’s Program Development team was created to help you validate and organize project information and processes. Planning budget, schedule and operations prior to launching a construction program adds significant value to the success of the program. Our team partners with clients to ensure the road map to completion is clear before a shovel ever hits the ground.

We organize your project information and processes, providing a clear understanding of constraints, timelines and goals. This level of clarity and focus aids in achieving desired outcomes and ensures all parties are on the same page.

HPM works with you to identify potential risks and develop strategies for mitigation, proactively increasing successful project odds. We establish an environment of collaboration and communication from day one, clearly defining roles and responsibilities. This promotes smooth interactions and positive rapport among team members, stakeholders, suppliers and other relevant parties.

Our Program Development team utilizes our keen understanding of the balance of cost and time to divide your program into well-defined projects, setting realistic timelines and stakeholder expectations. This leads to improved efficiency in time and cost management, reducing the risk of delays, budget overruns and unmet expectations. Whether you seek guidance in developing a construction program from scratch, or improvement for a current program, HPM is ready to transform your plans from ideas to reality.

Program Development LEADERSHIP

Greg Ellis
Ben Henson
Chris Allee


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