HPM’s Medora Gaddes Promoted to Project Manager

Team members who inspire those around them are vital to the success of any organization. Their positivity encourages others to step up and shine. Medora Gaddes is undeniably one of those people. She is not only passionate about leading our clients to success through project management but also serves as HPM’s Talent Development Coordinator, recruiting the next generation of HPM leaders. For her unwavering enthusiasm and leadership, Medora is being promoted from Assistant Project Manager to Project Manager.  

“Medora is being promoted due to her hard work and dedication to all things HPM,” said Brennan Bell, HPM Senior Program Manager. “She was put on the Calhoun Community College Sparkman Building project as an Assistant Project Manager (APM) with all of the responsibilities of a Project Manager. Over the course of the project, she has proven to be capable of managing the project with little oversight and has fully gained the trust and respect of the client. She has also been working on building relationships and seeking opportunities with North Alabama-based clients and architects, all while balancing being a new mom.”  

Medora first began showing her value at HPM as a Co-Op from 2014 to 2016, assisting with assignments including Walker County High School, Birmingham Intermodal, and even the high-visibility Auburn Pharmacy and Nursing buildings. After her graduation from Auburn with a degree in civil engineering (and a minor in dance), she joined HPM as a Project Engineer in 2017. She immediately began demonstrating leadership qualities, attending events in Huntsville to integrate herself into the local market, and becoming involved with the Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Automotive Women’s Forum. Her project highlights include Calhoun Community College, Abaco, FedEx, Aerojet Rocketdyne Headquarters and Advanced Manufacturing Facility, and the Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater.  

In addition to her project management duties, Medora does a tremendous job leading our recruiting efforts for the company. She spends considerable time making sure that the needs for co-ops, interns, and full-time hires are being met. Medora has expanded our recruiting network and can be counted on to put forward qualified candidates who are great fits for HPM.

“Medora is an enthusiastic team player,” said Brooks Ballentine, HPM Director of the East Region. “Not only does she handle her project management duties, she is active in helping with business development, client entertainment, recruiting, and coordinating our Emerging Leaders Program. She goes above and beyond in everything she does.”

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