HPM Hosts 5th Annual Emerging Leaders Summer Seminar

HPM Prioritizes Opportunities to Empower and Equip Rising Talent

On July 26-27, 2023, HPM hosted our 5th annual Emerging Leaders Summer Seminar, equipping current college students pursuing careers in construction with the necessary tools to succeed. The program focuses on attracting promising students from groups historically underrepresented in the construction industry. 

Interns and co-ops from across the company’s footprint gathered in Birmingham for this annual event, giving them a chance to build strong connections with peers pursuing similar professional opportunities. Members of this year’s Emerging Leaders class included Mary Claire Besh, Clay Carroll, Casim Ellis, Elli Garcia, Bella Perry, Josh Peters and Braxton Trest. These seven individuals representing five universities were selected for inclusion in the program due to their exemplary educational performance and commitment to demonstrating strong character. Attendees are pursuing an array of majors for their bachelor’s degrees including Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Construction Science Maintenance and Finance.

Leadership is an integral part of our DNA at HPM. We continually seek new opportunities to invest in individuals of all ages and backgrounds, providing tools to propel both professional advancement and personal character. We view true leadership as the ability to motivate, unite and effectively communicate with others, inciting positive change in the lives of others. We realize that to be a company comprised of dynamic leaders, we must create intentional time for training and mentorship, developing a team built upon a firm foundation of integrity.

Many students who participate in the program credit the Emerging Leaders Program as a driving factor behind their success in college and as a young professional.

“The Emerging Leaders program has enabled me to connect with the leadership team at HPM while learning more about the core values and history of the company as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth,” said Elli Garcia, Co-op participant and student at Mississippi State University. “The program equipped me to better articulate the ins and outs of program management and positioned me for success as I became aware of the many career options available to me. I look forward to continuing to build relationships with leaders at HPM who have the background, industry knowledge and experience to help me reach my full potential.”

A unique aspect of the Emerging Leaders program is the opportunity to witness many of our former co-op students and interns transition into full-time HPM employees building careers in preconstruction, project management, field coordination and beyond.

“It is incredibly special to watch students navigate the entire process,” said Anna Dolen, HPM’s Senior Recruiter, who heads up the program. “From hiring interviews to the culmination of the Emerging Leaders Summit, I cherish the opportunity to build relationships with our co-ops and interns and find great satisfaction in watching them develop professionally.”