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Built to Lead: Jared Taylor

August 22, 2023

HPM is unique from other program management firms in that we were born of a construction company and practical in-depth construction knowledge is part of our DNA. Our origin affords us the ability to place expert Field Coordinators on your site to protect your interests and priorities as HPM manages your project from the inside out. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our outstanding Field Coordinators, Jared Taylor.

Jared’s home base is the Mobile office where he spends most of his time on active worksites ensuring quality, safety and timeliness. He is known for his upbeat, friendly attitude as he interacts with his clients and colleagues on a daily basis. His personality partnered with his deep industry knowledge and robust experience make him an irreplaceable member of #teamHPM. Continue reading to hear from Jared on the impact HPM has made on his career and what comprises a great leader.

HPM: What does a typical day at HPM look like for you?

My days are typically spent walking multiple jobsites and documenting project details to assure quality in the field. I also have the opportunity to review drawings and documents regularly. Communicating what I find on site is a crucial component of my job, so I spend time coordinating meetings and sharing documents with colleagues via email as well.

HPM: What is the best part of your job?

Much of this business is people-centric, so I really enjoy the opportunities I have to interact with others, both on and off site. The clients and colleagues I work with are fun, intelligent people, and I’m happiest at work when surrounded by others.

HPM: What is your most memorable HPM project so far?

This is a difficult question, so I’ll have to go with a tie! The two projects that have stood out most to me are the GulfQuest Maritime Museum and the Airbus expansion I am currently working on. Both of these unique projects are located in my hometown of Mobile, AL and have become iconic staples here in The Port City!

HPM: Tell us about someone who inspires you. What made or makes this person a great leader?

To be honest, I can’t pinpoint one particular person, because I am a constant observer of people and continually learn from them. I watch others as they make mistakes and achieve success, and utilize those lessons to my benefit. I am inspired by individuals who are firm in their path and willing to put forth the effort to reach their goals.

HPM: What are the characteristics of a great leader?

The greatest leaders are great listeners. Leaders should be decisive, transparent and fearless as they coordinate multiple people and tasks.  

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