Facilities Maintenance

In many cases, capital improvement programs do not necessitate construction, but do call for maintenance or upgrades. HPM’s facilities maintenance capital team serves as the perfect solution for clients looking to revamp their current critical facilities rather than starting from scratch.

From planning and due diligence to execution and closeout, our team is equipped to manage the many moving parts that accompany a maintenance initiative across an expansive company footprint. Though the projects may be minor, the volume adds up quickly, particularly for geographically diverse companies occupying many campuses with varying needs.

Our team has completed facilities maintenance capital programs on behalf of fortune 500 companies, healthcare facilities and schools across the U.S., including assisting in the development of capital planning. The core of our responsibility in these scenarios is to streamline communication among all vested parties and stakeholders, regardless of their location or role. This includes critical reporting in real time on all relevant project controls. These projects often include HVAC updates, changes in lighting, companywide technology changes, roof improvements and much more. HPM often spearheads vendor onboarding and management and continues to provide guidance to trade partners throughout the life of the project to ensure smooth and thorough completion.

Extensive updates can be overwhelming, especially considering the array of tasks that come along with running a successful, growing company. HPM’s stands ready to partner with you to provide the highest level of support and peace of mind as you take on large-scale updates on your key facilities, data centers, headquarters and more.



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