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Predicting the Future on a Project Before a Shovel Hits the Ground

November 5, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if a crystal ball could show you the success or shortcomings of your construction budget and schedule before you begin? You could foresee whether it would be completed on time and within budget. While we do not have a crystal ball, we do offer the next best thing– HPM Preconstruction Services.

HPM Preconstruction Services gives the owner a clear picture of the project scope that can be supported by the budget and what it will take to achieve success. HPM will identify potential issues while analyzing and preparing for what lies ahead. If your budget is not consistent with the scope of the project, HPM will offer design changes and value engineering ideas, and develop an alternate strategy to enhance the success of meeting the project budget. HPM’s Preconstruction Services goes to great lengths to preplan a construction project including site selection analyses, cost analyses, scheduling, and design team structure and selection. 

Additional Preconstruction Services Include: 

  • Conceptual Budgeting 
  • Preconstruction Schedule Development 
  • Budgeting at Design Stages  
  • Design Management 
  • Cost Modeling  
  • Construction Schedule Review and Analysis 
  • Constructability Reviews, Value Engineering 
  • Lifecycle Analysis  
  • Systems Analysis (Mechanical, Electrical, Roofing, etc.) 
  • Facilities Conditions Assessments 
  • Project Phasing 
  • Prequalification Management  
  • Bid Packaging Strategy 
  • Change Order Review 


Do You Need Preconstruction Services?

Utilizing expert preconstruction services is a major cost-saving strategy that will set a solid foundation for your project, but owners are not always aware of the advantages until the project is already underway. With HPM Preconstruction Services in their corner, owners are provided with: 

  1. An accurate, feasible budget 
  2. Cost savings opportunities 
  3. A clear and concise schedule  

Our Preconstruction team has saved our clients millions over the years. In most cases, the cost of HPM’s Preconstruction Services is at least a 100% return on investment. 

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