Jasper City School District


  • Scope: 290,000 square feet
  • Owner: City of Jasper Board of Education
  • Architect: Lathan Associates/Goodwyn, Mills, Cawood
  • HPM Services: Preconstruction Services, Construction Administration, Project Management
  • Value: $54 million


A high school over a decade in the making was bound to be modern and high-tech, with all of the amenities a student or teacher could ask for. Jasper High School was in disrepair in 2005 when the school system purchased the 102-acre lot that would be home to the new, greatly improved campus. The new school consolidates the local middle and high school and offers educational, vocational, arts and athletic facilities like none other — 69 classrooms, a lunchroom with seating for 400, a theater with stadium seating for 1,250, two gyms, a practice field, a performing arts area and a JROTC facility with indoor shooting range, with more additions on the way.

The creation of Jasper High School started in the middle of 2000, and it was truly a project for the whole community — teachers, administrators and city leaders all provided input on what the new school would look like and how it would function. Unfortunately, the dream school conceived of by the Board of Education wasn’t anywhere close to the budget approved by the City of Jasper. HPM worked with the board and the design team to develop a plan that met their needs within the available funds. HPM’s leadership during the design, bid and construction phase resulted in a school with all of the amenities a board of education could hope for — and a project originally estimated at $77 million was ultimately completed for less than $55 million.

JROTC facility, including shooting range
Competition gymnasium with seating for 2,000
Culinary cooking lab
Softball field
Band, choral and drama rooms
1,250-seat theater