Hoover City School District


  • Scope: $110 million
  • Owner: Hoover City Schools
  • Architect: Various
  • HPM Services: Construction Management, Program Management


HPM first partnered with the Hoover City School District for the construction of what would be the largest high school in Alabama. Despite a difficult build site and millions of dollars of potential cost overruns, Spain Park High School was completed on time and at considerable savings to the school district. Several years later, when the school district prepared to build the new Riverchase Elementary School, it called in HPM to make the process easy and affordable, and the relationship continued for the construction of Berry Middle School.

Change orders are expected in construction projects — it seems to be the nature of the industry. But they can start to add up if gone unchecked. During the course of construction on Spain Park High School, dozens and dozens of change orders added up to $3 million. Smart value engineering by HPM, including extensive review and negotiation with the contractor and a complete redesign of several miles of sanitary sewer piping, saved the owner $2.9 million of that $3 million. While maintaining a positive relationship with the construction team, HPM was able to deliver the school of Hoover City Schools’ dreams and come in under budget — paying for our own fee several times over with just those savings on change orders.

Riverchase Elementary School
Berry Middle School
Spain Park High School