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Helisim – Grand Prairie, Texas

Helisim LLC
Project/Program Management

From language barriers to time zone differences, unique challenges arise when coordinating with clients who are oceans away. Ensuring the success of such projects requires expert-level program management experience and an extraordinary attention to detail, both of which Helisim, a French joint venture of Airbus, Thales AVS and DCI, recognized in HPM.

Helisim provides training for Airbus helicopter pilots through its state-of-the-art simulation centers, and when the company looked to construct its first training facility in North America, Helisim entrusted HPM with the management of their unique program.

Coordinating with a European client, European engineers and European equipment providers was challenging, primarily because the simulators were designed for the 50hz European Power Standard, and not 60hz, as is standard in the US. HPM assisted Helisim with the procurement of frequency converters, UPS system, and transformers to convert the power to 50hz. The most difficult challenge the program faced was installing the bridge crane after the building was erected and the roof was already installed. This was due to procurement issues, but at the end of the day, it was installed to meet our client’s deadline.

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