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HPM’s work ethic leads to saved money, seen value, and sincere gratitude for St. Lucie County

March 13, 2020

When a company decides to hire HPM, you’re entrusting your project to us. We manage each step of our projects with honesty, transparency, and clear goals and are confident that our expertise will save you time, money, and resources. Our expert program managers have decades of combined experience, and we have a solid track record and portfolio to back up our promises to deliver. To ensure we are adding value to your project, we create a Value Add Log for each project that we manage. This record does what the name implies – lists how HPM’s management of a project has added value to the project and company as a whole.

For our client St. Lucie County, the project of renovating First Data Field provided a prestigious opportunity for HPM. First Data Field, the spring training home of the New York Mets, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, needed facility renovations and improvements. St. Lucie County hired HPM to manage the construction of $55 million in renovations and improvements. The facility renovations included a walkway connector around the outfield, a 50-room players’ academy, and three little league baseball and softball fields for tournaments and public use.     

HPM worked diligently to save St. Lucie County money in the facility renovations. Since HPM was hired by St. Lucie County and not the Mets team, HPM operated with the county’s best interest in mind. A significant way that HPM added value to the project was by taking time to negotiate with the Mets, who had set the scope of the project at $67 million, to achieve the county’s budget of $55 million.

When HPM sent the original add log to St. Lucie County for approval, they ended up sending it back with a note: They believed and had calculated that HPM had added more value than we had reported. After walking through some of their additional items, senior program manager Alan Butler was pleasantly taken aback.

“The items that St. Lucie County had wanted to add to the add log were things that we at HPM just did, almost like second nature. We didn’t intentionally leave items out. In our eyes, the things St. Lucie had listed were just part of our culture and who we are at HPM. It was amazing to see a client recognize that value, and then want to quantify and add those examples to the report.”

HPM’s work was able to stand on its own with the full and esteemed Value Add Log for this project. When clients see the value that you didn’t know to recognize, that’s when you know you’ve hit it out of the park.

Alan Butler stated, “It’s not common to see a client want to recognize you for more than what you report. So when that happens, it’s something to take notice of in our company. The Value Add Log tells a greater story than we would have even known. Our clients for this project left with gratitude for HPM and said they wouldn’t begin projects in the future without reaching out to us.”

Through the addition of the items listed in the Value Add log, HPM saved St. Lucie County over 1 million dollars.

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