HPM’s Jared Scheeter Promoted to VP of Operations

Demonstrated throughout HPM’s history, the people who propel our firm forward are those unafraid to tackle complex challenges with creative solutions and unwavering dedication. We are fortunate to have a company full of team players and Jared Scheeter is a prime example. Jared is always ready and willing to help his colleagues and apply his skills to achieve the desired results for our clients. Because of his long-term dedication to growing and shaping our company into the top program management firm in the Southeast, HPM is pleased to announce Jared’s promotion to vice president of operations.

As vice president of operations, Jared will oversee internal project management processes and execution of the external management of projects and programs. He brings 18 years of experience to this role, all of which have been spent at HPM or Hoar. Jared joined HPM as a project manager in 2009, after previously serving in roles at Hoar including project engineer and project manager. He has worked his way up through various positions at HPM, all while exemplifying his commitment to our firm and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Jared displayed his acute attention to detail while on the first Airbus assembly line in Mobile, playing a fundamental role in a successful program completion that would lead to many more assignments with an incredibly valued client. After demonstrating his professionalism and hard work, Jared led HPM’s initiatives with Auburn University, fortifying his presence and roster of trusted partnerships across the Auburn and Central Alabama regions.

“Jared has been a key player in HPM’s growth story as we have continued to expand our footprint across new industries and geographic markets,” said HPM President Ryan Austin. “His promotion is very well deserved, and I have full confidence that our Operations team will be in the best hands under his leadership. I look forward to seeing the great things Jared will do for HPM as we look to many more years of success.”

During his time at HPM, Jared has overseen and contributed to some of the most high-profile projects in our portfolio, including the Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center at Auburn, a master plan for Tuskegee University, Auburn’s Health Sciences Sector, and a $1.2-billion program for the Alabama Department of Corrections.

“Over the past 13 years, Jared has steadily moved to the forefront of our company’s evolution – honing our processes, guiding our teams through any challenges that come our way with steadfast leadership, and delivering excellent service and value for our clients,” said HPM Senior Vice President of Operations Frank Marsac. “When a complex contract is pending for a new opportunity, he is the go-to person who is always willing and able to counsel his teammates through the nuances, twists, and turns.”

Congratulations, Jared, and thank you for your continued service and dedication to HPM and our clients!

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