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HPM Welcomes Senior Project Manager Chandler Creel to Expand Life Sciences Sector

June 22, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Chandler Creel, as he joins the firm’s Atlanta office as a senior project manager, expanding the company’s life sciences resume.

Chandler brings over two decades of construction experience across four continents in residential, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, and life sciences.

His portfolio of design/construction project management, scheduling/planning, procurement, lean delivery, shutdown work, and business operations gives him a dynamic skillset to better serve HPM’s clients.   Before joining HPM, Chandler served as both a design and construction project manager at CRB Group. With a keen understanding of complex projects in diverse industries and a focus on project execution processes, Chandler successfully found a niche in the life sciences industry.

“I am thrilled to join the team at HPM,” Chandler said, “The company’s commitment to client-centered service aligns perfectly with my own values. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues and leveraging all my experience to advise our clients through their programs and projects.”

Chandler contributes his successes to two key aspects – people and process. Whether working in Atlanta or Saudi Arabia, his innate ability to quickly build trust has become the foundation for working relationships on every project.

“Every client and contractor has their own unique needs and wants. Taking time to get to know everyone as people and understand their key motivations helps me create alignment and push the entire team toward the common goal. Plus, you end up making more friends that way.”

Chandler’s favorite problems are the ones avoided by robust processes and analysis. “My most successful projects (on time, under budget, happy client) have simply been a byproduct of focusing on the processes of how the team communicates, solves problems, and gets the work accomplished.”

Throughout his career, Chandler has found his ability to meet aggressive deadlines to be his biggest asset. Repeated trials by fire have granted him the ability to thrive in the most trying circumstances and have led to success in managing shutdown projects with immovable deadlines. “Life sciences clients are uncompromising in their schedule and quality demands. If you have good processes in place and trust for the people around you, you can deal with any issue and accomplish almost anything.”

Chandler looks forward to the continued expansion of HPM’s life sciences work, and leveraging HPM’s vast resources in planning, estimating, and holistic program management to grow HPM’s life sciences sector nationwide.

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