Celebrating Safety Week 2022

Construction safety is a bond that unites us all, no matter your role on a project. It’s our connection to each other and the entire industry. This week is Safety Week 2022, and the theme of this year’s event is Connected. Supported. Safe: Eliminate the Hazards. 

Being connected means we are not alone in building a stronger, safer industry, and in creating a safe, supportive environment. Supported means we are here for each other and provide the resources necessary to ensure everyone can be their best and return home safely at the end of every day. When we’re connected and supported, we are able to be more present and focused at work. We are better able to build a culture and workplace where everyone feels safe. The more we stay connected and committed, the more we can show up fully to support one another and our clients.

HPMers across the country will spend time this week discussing daily ‘Toolbox Talks,’ emphasizing the role we play in creating a safe environment, whether at the office, job site or at home with our friends and families. We encourage you to join us by being mindful of potential hazards at your workplace, as well as by making safety a priority at home. When was the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke detectors or restocked your personal first aid kit? May Safety Week 2022 be a reminder to stay connected, supported, and safe in order to eliminate hazards. Happy Safety Week!