6 Ways Program Management Helps Schools

Most school districts don’t maintain design and construction experts on their staffs.  But when a capital bond program becomes available for growth and renovation, school administrators and board members must arm themselves quickly with a proponent who can seek out efficiency from every dollar allotted and from every hour on the schedule for each building or improvement project.

For most school districts (and for municipalities who assist schools with funding resources and land acquisition), large building programs tend to be seen as legacy projects with myriad details and multiple stakeholders. HPM stands ready to provide immediate value and leadership in this entire process for school district administrators, school board members, stakeholders and the community. As experienced capital bond program advisors and managers, we completely understand the stress of a major capital building and improvements program for a municipality and school system, and we’re here to make the process easier and more effective.

After all, we assume administering capital bond programs isn’t your day job.  You’re in the business of educating children.

1 — HPM balances the city’s resources and needs with the school system’s needs. HPM serves as a conduit and common ground between the city’s various entities and the school system providing an objective business case for each scenario and real-time decision making for confident reporting and accountability. We realize you need streamlined governance over these projects.

2 — HPM figures in the school district’s goals with totality of the capital bond program. HPM looks at land-use planning, facility assessments, demographic studies and more for school improvements to provide guidance in correct phasing as to not overburden the budget and to allocate funds appropriately.

3 — HPM helps with community buy-in through consistent and careful communication. Our program management experience supports your efforts with an independent, third-party advisor during work sessions or community engagement events. Plus, we can suggest or prepare a variety of public relations tools to get ahead of messaging while increasing buy-in and minimizing dissension.

4 — HPM performs due diligence on all capital bond spending and selling options. Schools need an overall plan armed with information and options from various perspectives – including population studies, growth and enrollment projections, current property options for use or selling, efficiency assessments, design and construction phasing benefits, communications plans and scheduling timelines.

5 — HPM provides estimating, scheduling and phasing choices and advice. HPM holds accurate bid information since we bid out projects in various stages and to a variety of vendors throughout the area. We maintain a vast database of cost information and project-related experience from cities and school systems throughout the state. We don’t get surprised on bid day.

6 — HPM assembles a flexible and affordable team of professionals who lead at every level. From executive support for strategic planning to detail-oriented project managers, HPM’s bench strength is unmatched. At the right time, we usher in accountants and field coordinators to be your eyes and ears on the budget and on the site.

Yet, we consistently deliver savings equal to or in excess of our cost 
to clients due to our efficiencies and effectiveness.