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Serving Clients Through Cost Efficiency

January 17, 2020

By Del Buck, Vice President of Preconstruction

One of HPM’s Core Values is Stewardship. HPM employees strive to be good stewards of time, money, and resources on behalf of their clients. In alignment with this core value, it’s important to look for cost savings and resource efficiency in every aspect of a project. One of the challenges I’m currently facing is construction cost savings in the face of a significant labor shortage that’s hobbled the construction industry. 

It is crucial that developers and owners refuse to accept the “false premise” that construction costs are outside of their control. Instead, costs can be salvaged using third-party project management firms such as HPM during the planning stages. HPM’s team can provide preconstruction services, which help stakeholders realize the scope, costs, and schedule of a project before breaking ground. Outside of cost savings on the front end, owners and developers can also benefit from HPM’s services and leadership, which help mitigate costs once construction is already underway.

A common issue that many developers and owners face is feeling helpless under an architect and general contractor, reluctantly accepting whatever cost shows up on a budget estimate. Often times, these owners and developers are not familiar with the value that a program management firm can add. Not only do we provide cost savings, but we also keep a project within budget and on schedule. 

Preconstruction provides the foundation for a project’s success. HPM’s Preconstruction team will organize and lead a variety of tasks, including site selection, budget drafts and reviews, bid solicitation for architects and general contractors, and construction document approval and financing. 

One recent example of HPM’s preconstruction service efficiency is through the design and construction of Airbus’s new A220 assembly line. Our Preconstruction team is designing while building and prepping for equipment to be installed so that we can coordinate with the operations team to bring aircraft through the facility. Fortunately for Airbus, one of HPM’s greatest strengths is managing moving pieces in a project. 

Now more than ever, owners and developers need program management firms like HPM to provide them with preconstruction services to eliminate excess spending and resource waste on projects. The industry is expanding, as owners and developers are gaining an awareness and understanding of how preconstruction services can benefit their bottom line. 

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