The University of Alabama


  • Project Details: Educational facilities; Athletic facilities; Parking decks; Residence halls; Utilities and infrastructure
  • Architect: Various
  • HPM Services: Program Management; Preconstruction Services
  • Client: The University of Alabama


Over the past 15 years, HPM has assisted in the execution of an ongoing capital development program at the University of Alabama totaling over $2.2 billion in more than 1,200 projects.

We have worked alongside the university on projects that include academic buildings, student housing, dining facilities, athletic facilities, fraternity and sorority housing, roadways, utilities, renovations and more. We’ve guided extremely demanding construction projects to build extremely high-tech science and engineering facilities that must sustain marine life and withstand earthquake-level forces. We’ve expanded a stadium to seat record numbers of passionate fans. We’ve managed the construction of stylish, comfortable residence halls to house hundreds of students and still feel like home. We’ve helped to upgrade infrastructure to support it all, and we consider it an honor to have such a significant role in the university’s growth.

A Matter of Trust

With the amount of growth always underway on the University of Alabama campus, a student could — theoretically — spend four years at the university and never see a view uninterrupted by a construction crane. It’s a priority to HPM that that not be the case. We consider concern for the students a crucial part of our responsibility to the university. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the needs of student life. Wayfinding signage and proactive communication help them navigate campus while avoiding construction sites. Fencing, site security and explicit instruction to the construction team protect the students from the site (and the site from the students). Much of this relies on our strong collaborative relationship with the university — they’re open to innovative approaches to scheduling, packaging and budgeting, and together we are able to deliver high-quality projects quickly, safely, on budget and with minimal disruption.

HPM at The University of Alabama