Fort Smith Public Schools


  • Project Details: Renovations and additions to 2 middle schools; Renovations and additions to 2 high schools; New Career and Technology Center; New secure vestibules at 15 elementary school campuses, plus secure wall projects at 5 campuses
  • Scope: $128 million
  • Owner: Fort Smith Public Schools
  • HPM Services: Program Management


HPM was selected to manage several renovations, additions, and technology upgrades for Fort Smith Public Schools in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Some of these renovations include new media centers, ninth grade centers, and secure entryways with administrative offices at both Northside High School and Southside High School. Both high schools will also receive new competition gymnasiums that each accommodate 2500 students, staff, and guests. In an effort to increase student safety, both Northside High School and Southside High School will add two new storm shelters. Fort Smith Public Schools will also receive a new Career and Technology Center, designed to offer specialized learning environments for career training in science, technology, engineering, arts, and manufacturing. Additional renovations include secure main entryways at both Darby Junior High School and Ramsey Junior High School. Darby Junior High School will also undergo classroom remodeling and cafeteria remodeling. Four elementary schools will receive security improvements and HVAC system revisions to provide safe and effective learning environments. Additionally, security improvements, including access control, alarm system, security lighting, and accessibility upgrades will be implemented at more than 20 campuses.

A Public Investment in Student Learning and the Community

In response to the Vision 2018 Millage school bond program, Fort Smith Public Schools placed their trust in HPM to manage the planning and execution of work at more than 25 school campuses over a three-year duration. With a heavy amount of renovation work to be done, it was important that Fort Smith Public Schools chose the right team to manage the public’s money through the bond program. Fortunately for the school system, HPM is in the business of leading and cost efficiency, with an extensive K-12 project repertoire. Keeping in line with the project timeline, budget and schedule is of utmost importance to the HPM team. In fact, the first wave of five elementary school security projects were completed in time for the start of the Fall 2019 semester. Additionally, several high school campuses were in critical need of classroom upgrades and renovations. Renovations will be made to classrooms, administrative areas, and dining and food service. The investment in these renovations and additions will benefit the Fort Smith Public Schools student population with each generation that walks through the front doors of these schools. Fort Smith Public Schools Superintendent Doug Brubaker stated, “We really want the public to know that the investment that they made in their kids and in their community is beginning to pay dividends and will continue to in years to come.”