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Continental Tires’ new Clinton, Mississippi, plant won’t just be the most technologically advanced tire plant in North America — it will also be a source of an additional 2,500 jobs in central Mississippi over the next nine years and an economic development opportunity for the state and region.

To make the project a success, German-based Continental Tires brought in HPM for program management services, based in large part on HPM’s experience leading construction of Airbus’ aerospace facility in Mobile, Alabama. HPM calls upon extensive experience with international clients to bridge national borders, fill in language gaps and navigate business and cultural differences to complete the project to the satisfaction of stakeholders on both sides of the ocean.

Cost Savings through Coordination and Review
Managing moving pieces in a project can be affect time delivery, product quality and the project budget. If managed poorly, the outcome could be financial loss. Fortunately, HPM’s involvement in the Continental Tire Plant project allowed for a smooth coordination schedule and ensured that each international party involved in the project was on time and accurate in their service delivery. HPM managed a 15-month building construction schedule. The construction schedule included intermediate milestones to accommodate manufacturing equipment installation, coordination of the building construction with manufacturing equipment, and the amount of change orders processed. The 325 total change orders involved nine levels of review, and HPM was engaged in each review for quantity verificiation, labor rate validation, scope reviews, and contract compliance. HPM’s involvement in change order reviews netted a significant savings to the owner as a result of their expertise and knowledge of the work.

Photos courtesy of Brasfield & Gorrie

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