Meet Georgia’s New Program Management Powerhouse

At HPM, our client-centric philosophy influences everything we do. We are dedicated to our clients and to bringing their visions to life with maximum ROI.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Hendessi & Associates. Hendessi shares our philosophy and contributes a wealth of knowledge about Georgia’s higher education system. This long-lasting partnership has been in the making for almost two years and was a natural decision because our shared principles and complementary services. We know how to deliver value for higher education, having worked for more than 25 years with many of the most highly-regarded universities in the U.S. HPM and Hendessi & Associates combine our knowledge and experience to become the newest power partnership for Georgia’s higher education.

Our partnership brings fresh, yet experienced perspective to a system that’s growing at rapid speeds. Working with universities across the Southeast, we know what matters to our clients: an established track record of achievement, delivering innovative facilities that align with campus aesthetics, and meeting state, federal, and campus guidelines. With healthy relationships and a deep understanding of the industry and underlying politics, we know how to maximize projects within our clients’ parameters and achieve successful results.

Here’s how our partnership brings a better experience for higher education:
– In-house estimators, auditing, and logistics
Focused and in-depth understanding of the challenges facing higher education
Consensus-driving client advocate
Experience with a wide range of building types
Long-term, complementary partnership of notable skills and talent
100+ dedicated program management professionals
Experience at all Georgia Board of Regents campuses
Public-Private-Partnership Experience

This alliance of HPM and Hendessi & Associates is primed to face the challenges of modern universities, which means we are ready with an in-house depth of resources that allow us to be knowledgeable, flexible, and scalable experts. With experience in facility planning, design, construction, management, and sustainability throughout Georgia and the Southeast’s public universities, we understand the processes behind higher education. Our firms are connected to the Georgia Board of Regents, presidents, deans, and academic and divisional leaders across the region to ensure that our projects meet the needs of their campuses and communities.

With this partnership, we are melding together the very best in owner’s representative services for you. Together, we are ready to take on new clients and exceed expectations. Let’s talk soon about your next project and how we can make you successful.

Jason Abernathy