HPM Promotes Stewart Nobles to Senior Project Manager 

A driving force behind the success of our business has always been the connections we have formed with partners and clients across the country. Occasionally, these outside relationships develop into new team members within HPM, proving that hard work and determination never go unnoticed and are the key markers of top talent. Stewart Nobles is a prime example of this story. Before joining HPM, Stewart had already long established himself as a trusted partner of the firm through his contributions to the Airbus Engineering Center build team. Because of his thorough creative problem-solving skills, adaptability, and versatility within his profession, HPM welcomed him in 2019 as a project manager, and we are pleased to announce his recent promotion to senior project manager.

After his service on the Airbus assignment beginning in 2006, Stewart remained connected with HPM over the years as he furthered his professional experience to include facilities management initiatives. This became particularly beneficial to our team in 2019 when we had the opportunity to expand our Airbus site team in partnership with JCI Building Maintenance and hired Stewart to help manage the program.

Leveraging his experience in project and facilities management, Stewart led HPM’s warranty management and project development activities while contributing to overall team success in other areas. Most notable were his efforts in concert with JCI to develop plans for response to hazardous weather conditions, the development of over 100 projects spanning a wide range of technical scopes, and his day-to-day support for subcontractors and the entire site team.

Stewart’s integrity and knowledge were invaluable in working through the details of project development and management. His ‘make sense’ approach often helps the client understand the depth and implication of the problems faced weekly, and he has played a huge part in maintaining a pattern of success in our facility management and program management initiatives.

Since January, Stewart has made a seamless transition from his service in facilities management to his new role in program management. As senior project manager, Stewart will oversee the administration of all business plans, help build strategy for new business development and lead a team of assistant project managers and project managers in projects from planning to closeout.

Congratulations on this well-deserved promotion, Stewart! 

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