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What is Program Management?

November 30, 2021

Simply put, program management is the most efficient, most effective way to manage a capital building program from beginning to end.

HPM sits on the owner’s side of the table to provide flexible and professional staffing, precise management, best practices and innovation for savings to our clients which typically results in covering more than our fees.

How much does program management add to a capital building program?

Nothing. Program management isn’t an addition to a capital building program, but rather it’s a different approach to delivering its projects — planning and coordinating work to eliminate wasted time and resources. Typically, HPM’s implementation of our processes reduces total costs by 5-10 percent. And the earlier you engage a program manager, the more you’ll save.

What does HPM provide that we aren’t already receiving?

During a typical building program, the architect, engineer, general contractor/construction manager and other project team members are focusing on specific services for a duration of time in the lifecycle of a facility. HPM serves as an advisor and representative for the owner from the beginning to the end — yet, with planning, design and construction experience and expertise. We work collaboratively with all of those key players, making the process better for all stakeholders and ensuring the best and most cost-effective outcome for the owner.

Do architectural, engineering or general construction firms provide program management services, too?

They sometimes offer program management in addition to the primary services they deliver, but it’s difficult for them to “flip a switch” and go from thinking only of the specific portion of the process they’re used to delivering to strategically planning the entire process from start to finish. In addition, this can create a conflict of interest as the firm balances representing the best interests of the owner with generating revenue by selling additional services. This isn’t a problem for HPM — we don’t offer design or construction services. We simply use our expertise in those areas to serve as advisors for the client.

Why should we pay for HPM to oversee building projects when we can hire employees?

The benefits our clients receive outweigh the costs. Plus, HPM team members are cross-trained and backed by our full complement of experts in planning, procurement, pre-construction, design, construction, accounting, communications and operations. Hassles are avoided, and problems are averted. Moreover, money is saved, and you don’t have to worry about hiring and firing staff when capital building programs wax and wane.

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