Homewood High School

At Home in a New Classroom

When Homewood High School teacher Melissa Dameron-Vines heard the news that she would be moving into a brand-new classroom, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. A classroom becomes a sort of home away from home for a teacher, and Dameron-Vines had been in hers for 10 years. Plus,…
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Making Old Schools New Again for a Growing Student Population

Like many public school districts across the U.S., Homewood City Schools was faced with aging buildings and a growing student population. Administrators and school board members benefitted from a $55-million bond issue obtained through the City of Homewood and added to the monies the school district had in its reserves.…
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Positioning New Schools for Future Growth

“As a superintendent of a school district, I have been involved with three major building initiatives, and there’s only so much debt we can assume. Plus, all schools usually have greater wants than they do resources to back it up. Having HPM to analyze our budgets and prioritize our projects…
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6 Ways Program Management Helps Schools

Most school districts don’t maintain design and construction experts on their staffs.  But when a capital bond program becomes available for growth and renovation, school administrators and board members must arm themselves quickly with a proponent who can seek out efficiency from every dollar allotted and from every hour on…
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