Vestavia Hills City School District


  • Owner: City of Vestavia Hills Board of Education
  • Architect: Lathan Associates Architects, P.C.
  • HPM Services: Project Management


Vestavia Hills City Schools (VHCS) began a process of surveys, town hall meetings and facility assessments about nine months prior to engaging HPM to provide a planning and preconstruction analysis. During the nine months of information gathering, the school district’s administration also engaged a local architect who had worked with them for many years designing and performing various improvements, additions, and renovations to individual facilities. As a result of this process, VHCS and the architect began to formulate a plan of renovations and additions that would provide facility solutions to many of the needs identified in the town hall meetings and surveys, and VHCS considered moving forward with a large bond program. HPM was introduced into the equation at this point to help right-size the bond and determine the phasing plan.

In order to review the proposed facility improvements and to evaluate the cost and phasing of each proposed project, HPM performed facility tours and investigations that uncovered many additional issues not yet anticipated in the original proposed plan. HPM also took a step back to study demographic data and enrollment statistics for the system. HPM prepared an enrollment projection study for each facility within the system and uncovered some of the proposed projects in the plan would potentially improve situations but would only provide temporary solutions (5 years) to projected growth patterns. By combining the growth projections, facility assessments, phasing plans and cost analysis, HPM provided VHCS with six separate studies with variations that included concepts for property acquisition/disposition, grade realignments and alternative facility improvements to address long-term capacity issues.