Program Management

Why the Alabama Bid Law Matters

At HPM, we’re accustomed to quizzical looks from clients when we explain the difference in services, advantages and price we provide as opposed to lifting a hammer to actually build a facility — like that of a general contractor. In fact, it almost sounds too good to be true. (Watch the…
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What is Program Management?

Simply put, program management is the most efficient, most effective way to manage a capital building program from beginning to end. Mike Lanier, HPM President, explains, “HPM sits on the owner’s side of the table to provide flexible and professional staffing, precise management, best practices and innovation for savings to…
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Where do you turn when you are drowning in decision making?

If you were given hundreds of millions of dollars of someone else’s money and asked to make many highly technical and unfamiliar decisions on how to spend that money knowing you would be accountable for the successful investment in the end — would you even know where to begin? You…
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