Planning Services

HPM Hires Industry Veteran Tracy Richter to Lead New Planning Services Division

Planning Services will position company for next phase of growth. Facilities planning expert Tracy Richter recently joined HPM to lead the new Planning Services division, a move that bolsters and expands our service offerings while extending relationships with clients representing more than a dozen industries. As Vice President of Planning…
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When is the Right Time to Plan?

As COVID-19 continues to impact the U.S., companies and organizations are doing their best to plan amid a shifting economic landscape. Industries continue to encounter the full spectrum of repercussions. Many are experiencing business decline while others are seeing growth. Though it may seem daunting or even futile to plan…
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Why Planning is Essential to Your Standard Operation Procedures

Strategic planning for facilities and operations is an essential component to short and long-term efficiency models across all industries. From airlines and beverage distribution to baseball stadiums and school districts, facility improvements and day-to-day operations are continuous, necessitating the need to incorporate good planning practices into your standard operating procedures.…
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