Owner’s Representative

Choosing the Right Program Manager for Your Aviation Project

The right program manager offers many benefits to aerospace companies and projects, including clear timelines, streamlined communication, and, perhaps best of all, peace of mind. With the right program manager in place, you can focus on and achieve overall project success and maintain a strategic approach for your investment without…
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Working Together to Get the Job Done

As program managers, we serve as the eyes and ears of the owner, ensuring that their best interests are at the heart of every decision. We manage all resources as if they were our own – which includes holding designers, suppliers, contractors, decision makers and ourselves accountable to the commitments…
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HPM Serving as Owner’s Representative for Massive BJCC Expansion and Renovation Project

HPM is serving as the Owner’s Representative for the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Authority’s transformative sports and entertainment projects that are expected to play a leading role in the future of downtown Birmingham.  Totaling $330 million, our firm is providing guidance and oversight for a building program that includes both the construction of a brand new 45,000-seat football…
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