HPM Talks: What to do with Your Building Projects as a Result of COVID-19

We’ve faced many challenges in the design and construction industry, but navigating building programs through a global pandemic isn’t one of them. As an Owner, how can you set your projects up for success, and what should you be doing to protect yourself from potential risks during these unprecedented times?HPM…
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IAWA Unveils “Soaring Through the Glass Ceiling” Report

The International Aviation Women’s Association Commissions Korn Ferry Study to Focus on Gender Parity Given the current health crisis environment, the aviation and aerospace industry again finds itself evolving. This evolution requires diverse perspectives and innovative thinking to not only maintain sustainability but to incite future growth. The International Aviation Women’s…
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To all HPM clients, industry partners and business associates:

Thank you for trusting HPM to serve you and work alongside you as we manage your capital expenditure projects. These are difficult times, and the uncertainty that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed upon our families, communities, businesses and projects is unprecedented. At HPM, we share your concerns, and we are…
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Supersonic Flight Moves Closer to Reality with Boom’s Overture

Supersonic flight has existed for over half of a century, but the technology was lacking and inefficiencies kept it from the mainstream. Finally, the Colorado-based company, Boom Supersonic, began its quest for a solution, combining proven materials and technologies into a revolutionary airplane. Called Overture, this breakthrough airplane design makes…
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Serving Clients Through Cost Efficiency

By Del Buck, Vice President of Preconstruction One of HPM’s Core Values is Stewardship. HPM employees strive to be good stewards of time, money, and resources on behalf of their clients. In alignment with this core value, it’s important to look for cost savings and resource efficiency in every aspect…
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Soaring to New Heights with a Preconstruction Veteran

Del Buck In an effort to maximize the company’s effectiveness and efficiency in its preconstruction services, HPM recently hired Del Buck as the Vice President of Preconstruction. In this position, Del is responsible for overseeing the preconstruction services of all HPM program management assignments. Del has an extensive history of…
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